My holiday to Sudan

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This summer I went to Sudan, so I have decided to my first blog on that.

It is the 10th largest country in the world. I recommend for people to go and visit it – there are a lot of things that people can do there.

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“We desire to bequeath two things to our children; the first one is roots and the other is wings.” – Sudanese Proverb

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Bakhita…a Sudanese saint who was a slave

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Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.13.03 AMWhen she was about nine years old, Josephine Bakhita was kidnapped near Darfur, Sudan, by Arab slave traders. For several years she was subjected to brutal and humiliating treatment until she was ransomed and taken to Venice, Italy, where she became a Catholic and a nun.

Joyfully and serenely Bakhita served in a convent, school and infirmary run by Canossian sisters in a small, obscure town in northern Italy until her death in 1947. Then something even more remarkable than her redemption happened.

Hundreds of ordinary people came to see Bakhita lying in state, and along with these visits came stories about how the simple nun had given comfort, advice and encouragement as she went about her tasks as cook, doorkeeper, nurse, etc. Almost immediately graces and miracles attributed to Bakhita’s intercession began to be reported.

Ever since, the place where Bakhita died and the wonders began has been a…

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Nothing really ends…

Originally posted on Medieval Sai Project:

Today Dr. John Gait gave to us “A new look at old pots” by presenting his work with petrographic and macroscopic analyses of pottery from the Lower Nubian Nile Valley in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC. John was kind enough to allow the presentation to be constantly interrupted by questions from the audience and this helped us enormously to understand the results from the application of such methods for reconstructing a more nuanced picture of the communities whose ceramic industries we are studying.

Image courtesy of the Liverpool World Museum

Image courtesy of the Liverpool World Museum

Moreover, it gave us time to consider how useful the applications of such techniques could be for the Medieval Sai Project that is always in search of the appropriate manner to tackle the difficult site of Dibasha with the clear signs of industrial activity, very probably pottery kilns included.

Dibasha kilns by Medieval Sai Project

Dibasha kilns by Medieval Sai Project

And just then we realized that we…

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About Mygoma orphanage

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Mygoma orphanage in Sudan is the only state facility that house abandoned children, the following documentary is made in 2010 by a a Sudanese/British film maker.

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Entry #2: Epiphany

Originally posted on Rant Central Station:

If you own a computer or a smartphone and an internet service, you’ve probably seen the “Sara ElHassan – Video Response”.

Now, like most of you, by the end of the video I was screaming “YASSSS” at the top of my lungs and ready to remake the clip into a Beyonce video. But then a few days passed, allowing the reality of it to percolate into my brain and I was beset with sadness.

More so, I was angry. Angry for her anger. Angry that the things she said still have to be said.

The video also opened my eyes to the fact that unless you fit a certain mold, you can never be comfortable with how you look in Sudan. A mold that most of the time, contradicts the African nature of our features.

While the aim is to teach girls that their worth is not and will…

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Entry #1: A tired topic I’m tired of.

Originally posted on Rant Central Station:

As a community, we value each other.

We value each other so much to the point where we let each other’s opinions dictate our way of life.

Introducing: “kalam alnas“.

If you’re a Sudanese person, you’ve heard this phrase a lot.

If you’re a Sudanese woman, you’ve heard this phrase way too much.

And if you’re a Sudanese anything, you’re inevitably and most unfortunately, going to use this phrase at some point of your life.

Where does it apply? Everywhere. It’s the test everything you do has to pass through, it’s the decider of who you associate with, where you go and how you dress.

It’s inescapable. Wherever you go in this vast African paradise, you’ll see nothing but the four walls of “kalam alnas” staring at you, as you stare back in helpless dis-contempt.

Now, let’s imagine something else dictated what you do. Perhaps the religion the majority…

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Sudan Hub

Sudan hub is a website aiming to portray Sudan in a more positive light by highlighting the natural beauty and wonders which are often misrepresented by the media and the world at large. Sudan is a unique and mysterious place full of history, tradition, diversity like no other country in Africa or the world. Sudan hub is attempting to shed light on that mystery by providing a central hub of information all in one place ranging from History; from the Nubian empires to modern day Sudan, Culture; photos, documentaries, animations, music, facebook groups/pages, Information for Visitors; Visa, flights, embassy info and contact details, Info About Khartoum; Semi travel guide from accommodation, food and dining, medical, entertainment and sports. Sudan hub also wants to break down the gap barriers between the older generation and the youth, as well as those in diaspora and those living in Sudan by showcasing a culture that is accepting and all encompassing to all Sudanese creating a feeling of unity and pride.

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Nas with Notepads- Sara Elhassan

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I wish there wasn’t a reason for this incredible young lady to write a response, but she did an impeccable job!

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A Collection point for used oil in the capital Khartoum

Originally posted on World News:

Young men work at a collection point for recycled oil in the capital Khartoum

Young men work at a collection point for used oil in the capital Khartoum. The poor state of Sudan’s economy has forced many families to look for alternative ways to earn money. Young men cycle around Khartoum, scavenging for unused oil collected from vehicles during maintenance. They collect the oil into small plastic containers on their bicycles and ride them to collection points in the city’s suburbs

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