red beards… a faux pas??

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one of my closest friends, H, posted this yesterday on FB. i was on the floor from laughter.

i don’t know if i’m down with Sadig Al Mahdi’s red beard…” (this following his appearance on the islamists fan-club station Al Jazeera news)

for those not quite in-tune with Sudani politics – Sadig El Mahdi is one of many inept Sudanese politicians, he likes to talk (and enjoys the sounds of his voice – he probably falls asleep listening to his own sermons) but does very little. he has the dubious honour of having been democratically elected to office back in 1986 but did f*ck-all and basically screwed things over big time, making it super easy for Omar El Bashir and his gang of murdering thieves to waltz in and assume power. they’ve been in that seat ever since – their fat arses are stuck to the seats – we’ll need serious…

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Port Sudan

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1069244_10153010521245648_1670712733_n so picturesque.

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New on 500px : Brotherhood by MohdHamadien by MohdHamadien

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The Darfur Sartorialist: Grace and colors of Darfur, Sudan.

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Now, this is a project I follow and love for some time.

It’s called The Darfur Sartorialist, and basically – it’s a story about a surprise. Pedro Matos is a humanitarian aid worker living in Darfur for the past 4 years. His facebook blog reflects his own surprise with the men and women he found in this remote region of Sudan, and how fashionable people turn out to be in all corners of the world.

Darfur is fashionable. Beyond the conflict and the images engraved in our minds lies a proud people wearing colour combinations unlikely in the trendy West. They have grace and style, and a unique sense for colors – and happiness.

It’s beautiful and inspirational.










539566_468350163193779_735896431_nall photos ©Pedro Matos

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Indian Ambassador meets Ahmed Haroun at Al Ubbayid

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Indian Ambassador meets Ahmed Haroun at Al Ubbayid

If one searches the name of the capital of North Kordofan in the internet, one will get two spellings, Al Ubbayid and El Obeid. The Ambassador of India prefers the former because it sounds more Arabic.
The Ambassador of India H.E. Sanjay Kumar Verma visited Al Ubbayid on 9th & 10th April on an invitation from the Wali of North Kordofan, Moulana Ahmed Haroun. The Ambassador met the Wali and his cabinet and discussed fruitful ways to deepen and enhance cooperation. Subjects of special interest included agriculture, health, water resources, sanitation and capacity building. Issues of ecological degradation were discussed with India’s possible assistance. Rain water harvesting was discussed with models for access to public services and India’s experience. Ambassador Verma offered training courses to be provided to the Sudanese citizens in North Kordofan.
The Ambassador visited an edible oil mill and a vocational training center. A dinner was hosted…

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Geoffrey Clarfield: The slaves of Sinai

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On Monday, April 14, Jews around the world will invite their family and friends to join them for the feast of Passover, a holiday that celebrates the Biblical story of the Israelites, who were enslaved in Egypt under Pharaoh, and who fled from their cruel Egyptian masters across the Sinai desert to gain their freedom in the land of Israel. As celebrants drink wine and eat the unleavened bread that was once prepared in the desert, they sing an ancient song, “We were slaves unto Pharaoh in Egypt, but now we are free.”

As a young anthropologist, I was so enamored by the story of Passover that I spent a year among the nomadic Bedouin Arabs of the Sinai peninsula to get a taste of that ancient wandering way of life that must have been temporarily adopted by the Children of Israel during their sojourn in that “terrible wilderness” on…

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East African Artists Sing for Peace in South Sudan

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South Sudanese peace activist and rapper Emmanuel Jal joined by artists from East Africa for a concert aimed at calling for peace and reconciliation.

All pictures by Quaint Photography. See more pictures of the concert here

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Creative Writing from the Sudans!

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There is an amazing creative writing competition about Sudan! Submissions are being accepted into an extended deadline until April 30th. 2014 see the flyer and represent the beautiful land that we love.

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A Proxy Campaign against Ethiopia? A Response by GERD National Panel of Experts (NPoE)

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Ethiopia National Panel of Experts (NPoE) on GERDP responded to the the biased news release of the hydropower extremist International  Rivers Network (IRN) which tried hard to mislead readers and the general public in a way that favored Egypt which is unexpected from an institutions which portrayed itself professional. In fact IRN has been remained in the forefront in accusing Ethiopia`s efforts for development and transformation with its unscientific, baseless and unscientific as well as biased news releases and unfounded “reports.” The full article of the response by GERDP is posted below.


International River Network (IRN): GERD Panel of Experts Report: Big Questions Remain, Monday, March 31, 2014”

A Proxy Campaign against Ethiopia? A Response by GERD National Panel of Experts (NPoE)

For so many years now the IRN, International River Network, this self-appointed “guardian” of all rivers of the world, has been leaving no stone unturned in…

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DISTURBING: Here is the video the media didn’t want you to see…How Israel treats Africa and foreigners in general.

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Here is the video the mainstream media didn’t want you to see. It is a shocking footage of pogroms against African communities in Tel Aviv, and interviews with human rights activists. This is a situation very few Americans were familiar with.

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