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Walking-unfriendly Land of Walks

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I wasn’t always a big fan of walking. There was a time when I payed  money for rikshaws (dangerous three-wheel vehicles you don’t want to get in unless you have absolutely no other option) to reach places as close as 3 blocks. But, there comes a time when taking the stairs, and short-distance walks make your legs and lungs ache; and you realize that if you don’t start working those muscles and joints now, going up and down the stair will only get uglier, and you’ll end up an old person that needs to be escorted all the time. Not how you’d like your goodbye phase on earth to be, trust me.


And to you who think slim/thin people are by default fit people, that is absolutely wrong. Fit people are those who, at least, exercise regularly. Walking is something you really need to do for at least 30 minutes everyday, as recommended by the doctors. I don’t want to start preaching exercising…

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Horizontal Diversification of Unrelated Product

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Kak Mathew group is a petroleum company having a number of petrol pumps in Sudan. Their very interesting horizontal diversification has been opening a retail outlet of popular chicken broast mostly ‘Take-away’.  A diversification of a totally unrelated product.

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Wang Yi: China and Sudan Support Each Other Not for Their Own Selfish Interests

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Wang Yi: China and Sudan Support Each Other Not for Their Own Selfish Interests


BEIJING, China, January 14, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ — On January 11 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti of Sudan jointly met the press after a talk.


Wang Yi said that China and Sudan are both good friends and sincere friends. Over the past half century, the two countries have always stood together to share weal and woe, and have established profound friendship. We cherish the friendship very much and especially thank for the long-term firm support provided by Sudan on the major issues concerning China’s core interests. Similarly, China stands together with Sudan without hesitation on the issues concerning Sudan’s legitimate rights and reasonable demands. Our mutual supports are neither for our own selfish interests nor for the sole interests of the two countries, but rather…

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Next Year in Wadi Halfa

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It would have been nice to experience the festivities of ushering in the new year, complete with a midnight countdown, in Cairo. If traveling that far north was not a possibility, I would have been content with spending this day (31st of December) and the wake of 2015 gazing upon the silvery waters of the Aswan lake and the Nile. Sipping on hibiscus tea and… Better yet in the glare of Hurgada’s living moon, I would go swimming in the Red Sea on both sides of the year and … I can only imagine.


I spent the 31st of December of 2013 eating mounds of crispy bacon, drinking whiskey and watching fireworks on Denver’s 16th street mall. It seems like the forces that be have willed that I meet this new year here. How can anybody forge an existence here. In stern dissobedience of the abundance sand…

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New Halfa

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After driving east for six hours from Khartoum, our driver Khatir, Tariq and I arrive in New Halfa.   We meet my cousin Amir in the market, and he guides us to his home.

Each of the 25 resettlement villages is known by a number, not a name.  Each has 250 houses, a school, mosque and some shops within a communal area.    Our destination is village No 18, representing the village where my father’s family was relocated.  Each house is a yellow-brown color, walls of molded concrete blocks formed into four rooms, a slanted asbestos roof, and a courtyard surrounded by a fence.  There were no kitchens in the original homes, many homes have been modified.  The traditional Nubian decorations are absent from the gates, but some are painted brightly.

We arrive at around 3 pm, and are greeted with a wonderful Sudanese lunch by cousins, Amir and Mohamed Abdel Bashir. …

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Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Day in Khartoum

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“We the General Secretariat of Council of Ministers appreciating your honesty for the opportunity to gain knowledge and advice on various sciences to our employees for grant program of 2013-14 and this shows the sincerity and durability of the relationship between Sudan and India Government and people”- Dr. Omer Mohamed Salih – Secretary of the Cabinet. This is what was inscribed in a beautiful crystal plaque as ‘Acknowledgement’ and awarded to the Ambassador of India to Sudan H.E. Sanjay Kumar Verma by Ibrahim Ahmed Adam on behalf of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs. This was on the evening of 29th December at Indian Ambassador’s residence where more than 200 people gathered to celebrate Golden Jubilee of ITEC. Most of the invitees were Sudanese nationals who have participated in the ITEC programme.

Every year, approximately 250 short-term courses, up to one year, are offered to the Sudanese nationals, resident in…

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Khatmiyya Sufi Mosque,East Sudan

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The Sudanese Social Fabric

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Let’s face it guys, the healthcare system in Sudan is a mess. The lack of basic health infrastructure, centralization of treatment and distribution of hospitals makes it a hassle and sometimes a burden on those seeking medical attention. Hospitals are poorly equipped and barely sanitized. Resources are scarce. Lack of a proper health insurance scheme makes for a high out-of-pocket costs. But after all what can you do with less than 2% of the national budget and the business mentality that is governing the healthcare system.

We are taught to manage the whole patient and not just cure his illness, which means incorporating the socio-economic status of the patient when requesting investigations or prescribing medications. After all, an individual doesn’t intendedly get sick, it’s out of his control and it is unexpected most of the time. But sometimes costly measures can’t be avoided and are need in order to attain…

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The Battle of Omdurman, 2nd September 1898

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“…the sacred Black banner of the Khalifa floated high and remarkable.” (Winston S. Churchill*)

European countries had very sophisticated armies, war industries and logistical understanding of warfare: war was a profession for Europeans. European wars were intensely competitive as witnessed by the Crimean War (1854-6) and the three Prussian Wars leading to the formation of Germany (1871). When Europeans went to war with non- Europeans they usually resulted in bloodbaths. Technology and military expertise decided the victory. And so it was with the battle of Omdurman. So why is Omdurman worth reviewing?

Sudan in 1898 had no strategic importance. It had no natural resources (oil hadn’t been discovered yet), but it was a vacant spot in the great European ‘Scramble for Africa’. For the British it filled in the space running north – south, for the French it would have completed the east – west French African Empire. The British also…

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