Let us Celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the October 1964 Sudanese Revolution

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Let us Celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the October 1964 Sudanese Revolution

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Despite the dearth and lack of what needs celebration and rejoice in the reign of the National Congress Party (NCP) regime led by the tyrant genocidal war criminal Omar al-Bashir, came the month of October with  promise of some hope after prolonged despair. October came boding us of the anniversary of the popular event that deserves joyful jubilation by all the people of Sudan. In light of the tragedies, woes and calamities of the senseless civil wars waged by the regime claims to be the protection of Islam and its application but widely known as the direct cause for the displacement that befell the citizens in Darfur and other regions where there does not seem any public event worthy of ovation. Nevertheless,   the emergence of the month of October brought about the remembrance of…

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Leni Riefenstahl – Exhibition: Nuban wrestlers, Sudan; ca. 1973

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0204-025 NUC439

Leni Riefenstahl certainly has an “interesting” history.

Always claimed to be mesmerized by the Nazi’s, but never identified as one herself. After the war people claimed she was a Nazi, but she won 50+ libel cases versus people who claimed she was. Seemed to be close enough to the party to seem like she was among it but far enough away to never be fully sure.

I do notice that in her films like Olympia and alot of her work she focuses with emphasis on race and the physical body. They’re quite mesmerizing to watch – the fitness of the people the way muscles move and sway under weight, through dance and physical movement.

Olympiaif anyone cares to watch. (NSFW due to nudity)

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The Good Lie: REVIEW

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Three of the “Lost Boys” orphaned by Sudan’s vicious Civil War are among the thousands of young victims forced to travel thousands of miles on foot towards safety. And when a humanitarian effort allows a large number of them to relocate to America 15 years later, they are given the chance to start a new life.

Reese Witherspoon may be the most famous star in The Good Lie, but the movie really belongs to three actors you’ve never heard of.

Actors Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany, and Emmanuel Jal all were real-life “lost boys” who lost their homes and families in the midst of Civil War, watched their friends die from disease and animal attacks, and faced starvation as they traversed the African desert in search of refuge; Emmanuel Jal was even forced into slavery as a child soldier for a number of years. Now they’ve been given the chance…

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#463 A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

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A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue ParkA Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

Sudan is a place I don’t know much about, but in this book I learned a little more. This book involves two separate children, both living in Sudan.

Nya lives in Sudan in the year 2008. Salva lives in Sudan in the year 1985. Salva’s family is well-known in the area and somewhat affluent. This doesn’t change the fact that they leave the village in the dry season, everybody does. There isn’t any water there. They must go live around a big lake. The lake shrinks to nothing and everyone must dig for water in the mud. Waterborne illnesses spread rapidly.

Nya’s job is to walk to the lake every day with a large container to gather water for her family. She digs down into the mud to collect water. She does this day after day after day. Sometimes her little…

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Nubia Rising Sample Chapter

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The Darfur Region of the Sudan…1500 B.C.

Kitara pushed her long, thick locks from her eyes as she looked into the noon-time sky; the sun, bearing no mercy on her already midnight skin, beat down on her relentlessly. She wished her mother would hurry up and finish the offerings. She couldn’t understand why they had to sacrifice what little precious goods they had every so often to a motionless statue…Isis was beautifully carved and  brazened  in the finest of metals. But this went beyond reason. The gods that her people have worshipped for the last 1000 years have done what they always do in times of crisis…nothing. It seemed as if those who were highly favored were born that way and those who were not…well, all they could do was pray to lifeless statues and hope for the best. And that was what her mother was doing right now. Praying…

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Sudan Mishap: Keshi, Enyeama Beg Nigerians…Team Resumes Training For Return Leg

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Stephen Keshi - Super Eagles Coach

Stephen Keshi – Super Eagles Coach

Nigeria’s Super Eagles returned to the country on Sunday morning after the shock 0-1 loss to host Sudan in a crucial Nations Cup qualifier in Khartoum, to a cold reception from Nigerians, which was expected, going by the passion Nigerians have for the game.

An obviously disturbed Head Coach of the team Stephen Okechukwu Keshi and Team Skipper, Vincent Enyeama, later took time off to assess the situation and agreed that despite the fact that all hopes were not lost in the battle for qualification, Nigerians deserve a better deal from the team.

Keshi, who spoke first to a handful of Sports journalists, said he was disappointed at the result like every other Nigerian, as he had hoped to use the game to kick-start Nigeria’s quest for a back to back Nations Cup trophy. “I must ask you to help me apologise to Nigerians…

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Sudan on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

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In June 2014, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee met in Qatar for their 38th session to look into proposals to enlist 22 new cultural sites, including four Arab countries, on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Among the four Arab sites that would be considered at the 11-day summit is Sudan’s Sanganeb Marine Park, which has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List’s ‘Tentative List’ since 2004.

The three other Arab sites include Rock Art i Hail Region in Saudi Arabia, The Ahwar in Iraq and Bethany Beyond the Jordan in Jordan.

The World Heritage List includes 981 cultural and natural properties, which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal significance.

Sanganeb Marine Park is the first marine national park in Sudan since 1990. It lies over an area of approximately 26,000 hectares, at a distance of 30 km northeast Port Sudan on the western…

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The Art of Beauty for Sudanese Women

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When it comes to beauty treatments in the Middle East and North Africa region, countries such as Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey take the lead as the most popular destinations for women to maintain and enhance their beauty.

Beauty treatments like the ever-popular Moroccan bath and Turkish bath have become beauty staples for women throughout the region. In Lebanon, beauty is big business, where getting a loan for plastic surgery is not uncommon. In the West and the Middle East, women splurge thousands of dollars on beauty treatments.

Yet in Sudan, women spend more than half the price using age-old Sudanese beauty treatments to keep their beauty alive. Sudanese women worldwide depend on their own traditional treatments for better skin, body and health.

The beauty treatments Sudanese women undergo are usually correlated to marriage, meaning only brides and married women perform them. These treatments include…

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Adila El-fatih El-Obeid:

Adila El-fatih El-Obeid:
طالبة دكتوراة بجامعة الاحفاد تحصل على الزمالة العالمية لبرنامج لوريال .. يونسكو من أجل المرأة في العلم
أقيم بباريس احتفال توزيع جوائز برنامج “لوريال ـ يونيسكو من أجل المرأة في العلم” للعام 2014 في جامعة السوربون، لتكريم الفائزات الخمس بجائزة البرنامج، كما مُنحت الزمالة الدولية لخمس عشرة عالمة، من بينهن سودانية.
ومُنحت “عديلة”، وهي طالبة دكتوراة سودانية في كلية الطب بجامعة الأحفاد للبنات
ويستضيف معهد علوم المناعة والوراثة والأمراض في جامعة أوبسالا السويدية، عديلة العبيد لمراقبة كيفية إنشاء بنوك الأنسجة الدماغية وإدارتها.
وتخطط عديلة لدى إنجازها رسالة الدكتوراة، للعودة إلى السودان لاستكمال التدريس والبحث، وهدفها هو إنشاء أول بنك لأنسجة الدماغ في الدولة.
وقالت: “أعتقد أن غالبية النساء في مجال العلوم، يوافقن على أن التحدي المستمر هو أن يصبحن أفضل عالمات، وفي الوقت ذاته، أفضل ابنة، أفضل أخت أو أم يمكنها أن تكون”.

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Sally Elatta

Sally Elatta

Originally Sudanese, Sally Elatta is the founder and presented of http://www.AgileTransformation.com – a company based in the US, which is dedicated to helping organizations build lean high performing teams. Graduated from the University Of Nebraska at Omaha, Elatta is dynamic consultant, trainer and coach.

Source: http://oladiab.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/sudanese-who-made-it-big/

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